The Freemason Movie Store/ Special Sided For Open Casting Call The For The Freemason Part 2

If you want to audition for The Freemason Part 2 than click the link below and submit to


We have great perks for you and there are dozens of ways to be involved with the making of The Freemason Part. You can get a copy of The Freemason Part 1 shipped instantly for only $8. You can also get things like an advanced copy of The Freemason part 2, host an advanced screening before it is officially released, become a producer and even get become a actor or actress in the film. You can see see yourself on the big screen or contribute for any of the other perks. There is even a "Customize Your Own Perk" option in which we can create a win-win situation for you and the film. Please watch the video and share it with your social media.

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