About Joseph James Films

Joseph James Films is a feature film production and distribution company founded by Joseph James. The company also has an acting school called Actors Film Academy. Currently, Joseph James Films is distributing "The Freemason" Starring Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings, Rudy Goonies) 

During his time in Hollywood, Joseph worked on a wide variety of movie and television production sets. He experience ranges from acting, producing, financing, location scouting, editing, marketing, casting, stunts and all forms of distribution including dvd, digital and theatrical as well as financing projects individually and investing in others. 




Joseph James 



Joseph James Films has several branches that focuses on various aspects of film making:

1. Production:

From start to finish, Joseph James Films has the knowledge and experience to make feature length movies and distribute them worldwide in 35 different languages.


2. Actors Film Academy:

Actors Film Academy trains actors and filmmakers. Our program is one of the most comprehensive ON Camera Training schools in Utah. We help actresses and actors from all ages and skill levels book roles and begin getting paid to do what they love. We help them assemble a professional acting reel, head shots as well as gain a deep comprehension of on set protocol. Our graduates are set-ready in a short amount of time and they save years of trial and error by becoming extremely skilled at the auditioning process as well as getting rehired after booking because of their professionalism and knowledge. 






3: World Wide Distribution:

Our worldwide distribution system includes DVD's, Digital On Demand Channels and Theatrical Releases. We specialize in making our films available to everyone in the world in multiple formats and in many different languages. We have had theatrical releases in different countries and one of our most popular service has been the screening of "The Freemason"  as a fundraiser for various charities.


4. Photography, Editing, Video Production:

We have several editors, graphic designers, marketers,  photographers and electricians who make up the core of our company. Our lead editor Timothy Arnold graduated from the University of Utah's editing program and has edited two of our recent feature films. Tim is an expert in after effects, composting, CGI and color correction. We provide editing services to other actors and filmmakers who are completing films, assembling rough cuts, finalizing an acting reel or who need advanced after effects or CGI work. With our green screens and equipment it works great for certain people to allow us to do the heavy lifting and they can utilize what we have in package deals or daily rentals.


5. Consulting:

Joseph's expertise has helped people from all sides of the entertainment industry with completing feature films, financing films, theatrical releases, marketing films and products, improving an acting career, setting up distribution, hiring crews, casting for TV and film, working with other countries, overcoming language and customs barriers, finishing a stalled project, raising funds and much more. Joseph's knowledge has come from his experience living and working in Hollywood, producing and finishing 3 movies and distributing two of them, as well as being involved with all stages of the film making process.


The Freemason was created by Joseph James Films LLC

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