Fundraising With Screenings

The Freemason Movie has been screened around the world in over 100 Masonic Lodges, Scottish Rite Temples, Shrine centers and theaters. Thousands of Grandmasters, 33rd degree Scottish rite Masons, members of the Knights Templar (York Rite) masters of blue lodges and Shriners have publically expressed their approval of the film and have emailed us verifying that the event was fun for both thier families and friends as well as the members of their various organizations. Some of these these screenings have been for the public and some are private.  

Joseph James Films does not receive any of the money and any money raised is used by the lodge however they see fit. Joseph James has also been flown to screenings in places like Seattle, Chicago and Idaho on the day of the screening for a Q&A after the film as well as meeting local Masons, taking photographs and signing autographs. Joseph James Films also donates signed dvd's and posters that are sold or given away a prizes and a lot of the screenings include a catered dinner. 



Each lodge simply covers the airfare and hotel room for one night and Joseph James covers the rest any other expenses on his own. Most of these screenings raise money for Masonic charities and thousands of dollars has been given to charities that impact peoples lives.

The money that each lodge raises is spent however they want and the money goes to various causes such as the Shriner's hospitals, inner city children and teenagers with dyslexia, Scottish Rite speech clinics which focus on helping people from all overcome severe speech issues and some of the funds are kept by the lodges who host the event for their own charities, Masonic scholarship programs and all other lodge endeavors.

Each event is customized and if you would like advice on how to structure your event, raise money and ensure a solid turnout than simply call Joseph James and he will provide digital materials, screen grabs and various structures that have produced good results at previous screenings. 

These 4 main locations that have been used are:

1) A blue lodge that can rent a projector and screen combined with a catered dinner for a "Masonic Movie Night"

2) A Scottish Rite Temple or a Grand Lodge that has an auditorium.

3) A local theater which is rented for a 2 hour period (usually about $400 dollars) in which tickets can either be purchased in advance or at the theater. Some screenings have chosen theatres that also serve food and drinks 

4) Shine Centers that can handle seating for 50-400 people and in some cases provide a catered dinner as well.