Public and Private Screenings in Masonic Temples, Lodges and Theaters

By hosting a screening you can raise money for any charity you want or for your lodge. Public or Private Screenings have raised thousands for charity and have served many other purposes. Read the following information and watch the videos for details on how you can successfully raise money for your lodge, a charity of choice or a specific cause. Then contact us with any questions and you can receive consulting, advice, materials and various options directly from executive producer and 32nd Degree Freemason Joseph James. Call 818-691-6796 anytime for questions. Leave a detailed message and joseph will return your call. Thank you for your interest and we also want to thank our supporters and fans all over the world.


"Masonic Movie Nights"

All around the world, Grandmasters, 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Masons, Shriners, Masters of blue lodges and members of the York Rite (Knights Templar) have attended screenings with their families and friends and enjoyed, approved and supported the film in many ways. These members are from all over the world and screenings have taken place in places like the Philippines, Brazil, Europe, Africa, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Peru, India  and many more. There have also been screenings in almost all of the 50 states in the U.S. These Freemasons have expressed approval publicly as well as privately by emailing us and posting reviews. Joseph James has been a Freemason for almost 10 years and he worked hard with other Masons to make sure that is movie would make an impact and help Freemasonic lodges and members worldwide. He is grateful that many agree that the film is positive for Freemasonry and that it has produced great results in the following areas: 

1) Raising money for your lodge or charity of choice. Each lodge keeps all the money that raised and Joseph James not receive any of money from the events. Instead Joseph James donates free , signed DVD's and full size theatrical posters, promotional material and hours of consulting. Joseph James has also been flown to screenings across the country the day of the screening for a short Q&A after the movie as well as a meet and greet, photographs and autographs with anyone in attendance. Simply cover the flight and Joseph will cover his expenses and fly back the following morning.

 2)  Inviting the public to learn more about Freemasons. The events are great way to show family, friends and people interested in joining some of the structure and history of Freemasonry along with some actual Masonic facts. The movie is filled with some Masonic symbolism and elements of modern Freemasonry that are accurate and it is mixed with some speculative elements as well. It is a mystery/suspense that both Freemasons and non-Masons can enjoy and it is rated PG-13. 

3) It can also be a free event that members who have not been to Lodge for a while can attend and reconnect and new candidates or potential members can see the building and meet the members and ask questions.

4) Some of the events are open for the public and are a great way for the local media to learn more about Masonic charities what members are doing for their communities. Newspaper stories, coverage from local magazines and stories on the local news have helped the public see the positive impact the Freemasons have on their city. 

5) You can also invite members from the Scottish Rite, the Shrine, the York Rite and various blue lodges to create new friendships and networks and reconnect to connect with members who are in other jurisdictions, counties and cities.



Public or private screenings can make a great social or fundraising event. Please contact us to plan a screening. Over 100 Masonic lodges, Scottish Rite Temples, local theaters and Shrine Centers have hosted successful screenings and thousands of dollars has been raised for charity. 

If you decide to have a screening, let us know and we can send you some posters and DVD's as well as a digital promotion kit with images, flyers and information so you can get local lodges and members of the public aware of the event. Follow this link to request screening materials after informing us of your event .

Contact Brother Joseph James (32nd Degree Freemason) directly at




There are many options for screenings. Several lodges have done Masonic charitable events (one time showings). We just ask that it be announced where those in attendance can purchase their own copy if they would like to have one. i.e., or through http:/

The executive producer, Joseph James, has even attended some of these screenings when the Lodge has invited and paid for his transportation there and back, and possibly for lodging if necessary. When Joseph has done these screenings he usually offers a Q&A session and is available to sign posters/DVDs or just meet and greet. 

In terms of what is required for a screening, just the purchase of a DVD would work for a one time Masonic charitable event, or Masonic mix and mingle. You can customize the event and make it interesting and effective for your goals.





If it is a one time showing in a theater, you will likely find that many theaters will be able to play a DVD. However, it is common that a theater will require a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) this is basically a specially formatted Hard Drive that contains the movie. We would have to send one or two of these and the lodge would have to pay for the shipping back and forth of the drives.


 From our experience, renting a theater for an hour and a half often costs around $275 on an “off” day, and nearly $400 for the hour and half time slot on a Friday or weekend. There is often a cost for renting the projector as well. Many lodges have been able to show the movie at their own facilities to keep the costs low.