The Freemason 2

"The Freemason 2" picks up right where part one ended, and we're currently casting roles and hiring crew members. We've been working on the next installment for 8 months and have finally completed the script.This sequel is unique because we are giving our fans and supporters a rare opportunity to be involved with the film in many different capacities. 

Some of the options include being in the movie with speaking lines as a significant character, joining our production crew, receiving a producer credit on IMDB with the ability to be a part of the above the line production team, hosting screenings at Masonic Temples or theatres a week prior to the the worldwide theatrical release. We also have options for investors from around the world to be a key player in the worldwide release. These are just a few examples in which you can have a direct impact on the film. We're also open to any other way that you want to establish your connection and ideas to the film.

Please contact Executive Producer and 32nd Degree Freemason Joseph James directly at:


and email him at

Thank you